Electronic Toll Collection

Neology is setting the industry standard across the globe through a unique combination of AI-powered adaptive solutions, a proven integration process, and unparalleled lifecycle support.

Solution Overview

Tolling + Payments Solutions

Neology is a leading solution provider for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) and Intelligent Transportation Systems
(ITS) applications. Neology solutions are powering over 5000 ETC lanes globally. By combining state of the art Tolling, Electronic Vehicle Registration, Data Processing, and Digital Payment Systems we are helping communities around the world reduce congestion, improve sustainability, and enhance safety for road users. 

Our solutions are built on a modular open architecture design which enables rapid integration of new/evolving technology, system reconfiguration, and expansion to support future needs/technology such as: 

  • Road user charging 
  • Multi-protocol frameworks 
  • The standardization of 6C protocols for tolling applications  
  • Reversible lane technology 
  • Dynamic pricing

Every year, we process over $1.6 billion in toll revenue and facilitate over 320 million toll transactions.

System Efficiency + Stability

Availability and redundancy are core concepts of our ETC system design. Our system achieves a high degree of stability by creating fault tolerance at multiple levels throughout the entire system. Our ETC solution uses a communications infrastructure that has been proven as highly stable on toll integration projects with demanding uptime/availability requirements. Similar infrastructure designs on many other toll projects have allowed us to guarantee a recovery time of less  than 50 milliseconds after a network failure, preventing any substantive loss of communication.

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