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Integrated Mobility Platform™

We’re setting the industry standard across the globe through a unique combination of AI-powered adaptive solutions, a proven integration process, and unparalleled lifecycle support.

Solution Overview

Neology’s Integrated Mobility Platform™ seamlessly integrates a range of mobility solutions, including:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) and License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems that allow for automatic tolling, parking, and access control. These systems use advanced sensors and imaging technology to capture and process vehicle data, allowing for quick and accurate identification and processing. 
  • Fleet management software that allows operators to manage and monitor their vehicle fleets in real-time. This software provides detailed information on vehicle location, performance, and maintenance needs, enabling operators to optimize fleet usage and reduce downtime. 
  • Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems which allow road users to pay tolls electronically, without the need for cash or manual processing. Using RFID technology to automatically deduct tolls from drivers’ accounts, improving traffic flow and reducing congestion at toll plazas. 
  • Real-time traffic (congestion) management solutions that enable operators to monitor traffic conditions in real-time, providing up-to-date information on accidents, road closures, and other incidents. This information can be used to adjust traffic flow, reroute vehicles, and optimize traffic patterns, improving overall traffic management and reducing delays. 
  • Queue-less + Ticket-less Parking allows road users to search for, locate, reserve and pay for parking in advance, and receive real-time updates on available parking spaces based upon their location and preferences. Queue-less parking systems can benefit parking lot and garage operators by increasing efficiency and reducing the need for staff to manually manage parking. Overall, queue-less parking is a more convenient and streamlined approach to parking that benefits both drivers and operators. 
  • Road user charging combines roadside and connected vehicle data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain technology to automatically calculate all road use fees such as tolling, high occupancy tolling, and road use charging.  

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